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Ted Sandyman's Mill

(The Hobbiton Factory)


"Hi!" cried Sam in an outraged voice.
"There's that Ted Sandyman a-cutting down trees as he shouldn't.
They didn't ought to be felled: it's that avenue beyond the Mill
that shades the road to Bywater.
I wish I could get at Ted, and I'd fell him!"

But now Sam noticed that the Old Mill had vanished,
and a large red-brick building was being put up where it had stood.
Lots of folk were busily at work.
There was a tall red chimney nearby.
Black smoke seemed to cloud the surface of the mirror.
"There's some devilry at work in the Shire," he said.
(from: The Fellowship of the Ring, page 470)


"Take Sandyman's mill now.
Pimple knocked it down almost as soon as he came to Bag End.
Then he brought in a lot o' dirty-looking Men to build a
bigger one and fill it full o' wheels and outlandish contraptions.
Only that fool Ted was pleased by that (...)
They're always a-hammering and a-letting out a smoke and a stench,
and there isn't no peace even at night in Hobbiton.
And they pour out filth a purpose;
they've fouled all the lower Water,
and it's getting down into Brandywine."

(from: The Return of the King, page 355-56)


It was one of the saddest hours in their lives.
The great chimney rose up before them; and as they drew near
the old village across the Water, through rows of new mean houses
along each side of the road, they saw the new mill
in all its frowning and dirty ugliness:
a great brick building straddling the stream,
which it fouled with a steaming and stinking outflow.
All along the Bywater Road every tree had been felled.
(from: The Return of the King, page 360)