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Our Preciousss!

At San Diego Comic Con 2012 Weta Collectibles proudly presented her latest environment: Barad-dûr, Sauron's Black Fortress in Mordor.

Probably (also) at the request of the members of the Shadow and Flame forum the miniature came without a sculpted Flaming Eye.
Instead, Weta offered a free Eye of Sauron app, downloadable from the Apple iTunes store, which projected a virtual eye between the tower's twin horns when used by visitors at Comic Con:

However... it wasn't a photograph of the original $281 million movie tower
which figured in the screenshot above.
Nor was it a picture of the brand new - and totally awesome! - Weta collectible.
Whether on purpose or by accident, the designers of the app used a picture of...
LOTRSCENERYBUILDER's humble toothpick-and-cardboard tower!

Now, how cool is that?!

We take it of course for what it is: a huge compliment! Apparently our model looks sufficiently like to cause at the least some confusion...

Weta again:

"Can you stand beneath the baleful stare of The Dark Lord Sauron?
Bring Weta's Barad-dûr, Fortress of Sauron collectible environment
from the Lord of the Rings to life with Weta's Augmented Reality app
and witness the Eye of Sauron burst into existence,
crackling and searching from its vantage atop the black tower!"

Sadly, up to now the app doesn't work very well on our preciousss...