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Part three: The Towers of the Teeth

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2009

Step 13:

Now, for the first time, we are going to use MDF plate with a thickness of 1cm/10mm.

After all we've gone through already, the lateral wall is a fairly uncomplicated part to build. To construct the frame, it suffices to glue the Witch King grid (template 13b) onto 10mm MDF and cut it out.

However, if you want to do the drawings manually, best way is to start with copying the foundation grid (template 13a) inside a 25,2cm x 19,0cm rectangle…

TowerTeeth3 border=

… before adding the details of the Witch King grid. As you can see we used one of the templates of the tower base (Step 16) to mark off the future joining with the tower. On the Witch King template this joining has been added to the design.

TowerTeeth4 border=

The Witch King element is going to be sawed along the red lines into three parts (the left-end part in the picture is waste). The yellow area is marking the starting point for the application of the wall decorations (Step 14).

TowerTeeth5 border=

Copy the Fell Beast A and Fell Beast B support elements onto 4mm MDF and cut them out. Study the pictures to find out in what way the three Witch King elements do fit onto both Fell Beast elements. Before gluing them all together, adjust the supports to the Witch King panels by removing the superfluous extremities.

TowerTeeth6 border=

The Fell Beast A support is placed at the base, the B support about halfway up (for help, you might want to draw a horizontal guideline at about 10cm from the ground on the back of the three Witch King elements). In the picture, the amputation of the extremities hasn't been executed yet; note that the sawing lines are drawn at a certain angle - this, to have these supports out of the way when the final assembling of the gate takes place.

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