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Part three: The Towers of the Teeth

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2009

Step 14:

TowerTeeth7 border=

If we take a closer look at the completed wall we can see that the decoration is only partially finished. This is due to the fact that the wall is largely going to be covered by rocks - the green line is marking the level. However, in order to keep these rows of ornaments in correct shape we have to place the 'hidden' ones as well.

TowerTeeth8 border=

For dressing up the Witch King wall we are going to need sixty-six Nazgūl elements, of which thirty-eight must have a 'shark-mouth' (this will keep you busy for a while!). There are two different sizes:
- seventeen 6.5cm large ones, all provided with shark-mouths;
- forty-nine 5.2cm regulars, of which twenty-one must have a shark-mouth.
There's an example of each template coming with the downloads.

TowerTeeth9 border=

We will start at the foot of the wall; for the first row we do need sixteen toothless regulars. You will remember the yellow starting point: that's where we glue the first regular onto its place (study the pictures for the exact position). Now this is no easy matter: as it is, every element has to have its lips running exactly along the guidelines but that wont happen naturally as the shape of the Nazgūls is slightly tapering (if this sounds a bit foggy to you: make a dummy run and you will experience the 'problem').

TowerTeeth10 border=

To get things done it works best to press both wings inwards at the bottom side, while, at the same time, you push the element downwards at the upper side; the picture shows you the trick. The effect will be that the wings at the bottom side are forced inwards while, on the contrary, those on the upper side are forced outwards…

TowerTeeth11 border=

Since there's a certain amount of strain on every element you will have to wait until the glue has dried up before carrying on with the next Nazgūl. Gluing all Nazgūls in place will probably take you a few hours. Being too hasty will see the Nazgūls breaking ranks from time to time... (Et tu, aedificator scaenarum!).

TowerTeeth12 border=

It suffices to put a tiny bit of glue on the rims of both wings.

TowerTeeth13 border=

We work from the bottom upward. The Nazgūls of the second row are going to be placed partially on top of the Nazgūls below. This picture and the next tell you what it's going to look like. Use the correct guidelines on the Witch King template and the Nazgūl elements. The attachment of each individual element requires even more patience as you have to fix them in a slanting position, with only the upper part in contact with the MDF (bordering the upper red line in the picture). The pink markings on the Witch King template show you the positions of the shark-mouthed Nazgūls. Use a cocktail stick to remove glue remnants. Note that, this time, we won't mask the incision lines; they are going to be part of the final model.

TowerTeeth14 border=

Put some glue onto the whole length of the Nazgūl rims; in this way they attach themselves to their neighbours as well.

TowerTeeth15 border=

Slow but sure the Witch King wall takes shape…
The seventeen Nazgūl (large) elements do belong to the uppermost row; they're all shark-mouthed.

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