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Part two: The Gatehouse

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2009

Step 12:


To connect the tower with the Gatehouse on the left we are going to need four hinges. Four more hinges are needed for the suspension of the Gateway on the offside.

Stick a length of painter's tape onto the surface of a table and draw four copies of the Hinge Tape A template. Also, make four copies of the smaller Hinge Tape B template. Next, make four copies of the Hinge Piece template onto 2mm cardboard and cut them out. All elements are shown in the picture above.


Lay down each piece of A Tape with its sticky side turned upwards; stick the smaller B Tape onto the A Tape, right between the guidelines in the middle. As a result, the central area isn't sticky anymore, if you know what we mean…


Take a skewer and fold the A Tape about it; stick both 'wings' to one another. You should be able to slip all four tape hinges freely along the skewer. It is best not to clamp the tape to too tightly around the stick.


Glue the tape hinges alternately onto the cardboard Hinge Pieces as shown in the picture.


Glue the numbers 1 and 3 onto the side of the hinge tower; push the other ones clear from the tower.


Make sure that the skewer is in alignment with the front of the tower. Cut off the unwanted length. Now you have to remove & replace the hinge peg a few times before the gate is completed. In order to make things run smoothly you might want to sharpen the peg just a little on the top side.


Next, glue the numbers 2 and 4 onto the Gateway structure.


Turning the tower just a little from the door enables you to put some pressure onto both hinge elements by using your fingertips.


As soon as both hinges are fixed securely, remove the skewer and put more pressure onto the hinges until the glue has dried completely (it might take a while - hence the book).

In like manner, the hinge joints are fixed between the tower and the Gatehouse.


Lastly, the Bombadil element is glued onto the back of the Gatehouse frame. This is a simple job: just make sure that, with the hinge tower in central position, the recess in the left upper corner coincidences with the parapet of the Gateway door-frame.

Paint the miniature with structure paint, then paint it black.

You have just finished a Hinge-tower!


By completing the Gateway, the Gatehouse and the Hinge-tower you have accomplished a serious Middle-earth building project. Of course you will have to duplicate these elements in order to complete the Black Gate of Mordor. However, that shouldn't be much of a problem as, by now, these sticks & spikes have lost all their secrets to you.


And there's more good news to enjoy. While the construction of the lateral wall is going to be like a déjà-vu all over, you will definitely reach the pinnacle of your modelling career with the completing of a Black Gate Tower!

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