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Part two: The Gatehouse

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2009

Step 9:

The Gil-galad parapet is intended for the upper part of the Gatehouse frame.
  1. cut out the Gil-galad Front element and the Gil-galad Back element and have them glued onto 2mm cardboard. When the glue has dried up sufficiently, cut them out. There's a red incision line on each of them: make the incisions and fold both parts to the inside. Draw the 0.7cm and 0.3cm gangway guidelines on the backsides.

  2. copy the Gil-galad Gangway onto 2mm cardboard and cut it out.

  3. copy the Gil-galad Nose template onto 4mm MDF; use the fretsaw to cut out the element. The finishing of this nose-element is identical to that of the Bill (large) element: by using a knife and a file we produce an 'axe- blade' shape which links up with the spike in front (see for this: Step 6). Use some filler to mask the joints.


Glue the Gil-galad Nose element perpendicular upon the Gil-galad Gangway element.


Cut off 12 Bill (small) elements (see: Step 5) and glue them onto the Gil-galad Front element. On the right end you find four additional "Bill (small)" elements; however, these are gradually longer than the regular ones. For these: cut off a 0.3cm strip of 2mm cardboard and mark off the requisite lengths. Next, glue them in place (study the picture). We will deal with the red incision-line in a minute.


Glue the Gil-galad Front element along the 0.7cm guideline onto the Gil-galad Gangway; make sure it's joining well with the nose element. In the same manner, glue the Gil-galad Back element along the 0.3cm guideline onto Gangway.


Cut off twenty-two D-Spikes and glue them onto the Gil-galad Back element; Use four additional Gil-galad Back Spikes to cover the nose (study the picture).


Cut off twelve A-spikes, sharpen their bottom ends and glue them onto the Bill (small) elements of the Gil-galad front element.

Next, we produce six 2mm cardboard Bill (medium) elements with sharpened B-spikes; glue them onto the Gil-galad Front element. On the incision-line, we use the Bill-galad template (2mm cardboard) and spike (both templates are to be found on the downloads).


Copy the Arwen Leaf template onto 1mm cardboard and cut it out. Copy both incision lines on the backside; next, bend the element as shown in the picture. Mask the incisions at the front & backside with painter's tape. Put some glue onto the spikes to strengthen the cardboard tips.

Glue the Arwen Leaf to the bottom of the Gil-galad element, against the inner rim (study the picture); make sure the cardboard is pressed tightly to the rim. Model the leaf as shown in the picture, with its wings directed to the outside.


Cut out two Pippin Long elements and glue them in place as shown in the picture.

Glue the completed Gil-galad parapet onto the top of the frame. Make sure that the Gil-galad Back strip is glued directly to the MDF while the front element is more ore less detached from the frame.

Finally, cut out the Arwen Leaflet template, glue it onto 1mm cardboard, cut it out and fold it along the red incision line; mask the folding line with tape. Next, glue it onto the structure as shown in the picture.

Paint the miniature with structure paint, and then paint it black.

You have just finished the Gatehouse element!

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