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Part two: The Gatehouse

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2009

Step 8:

The construction of the crowning parapet is already fully explained in Step 5.

The Elrond-parapet is intended for the lower part of the Gatehouse frame, the Gil-galad-parapet for the upper part.

Further down, a so-called 'hinge-tower' is going to connect the gateway to the gatehouse. To prevent chinks becoming visible between these three elements after assembling, we're going to install a kind of 'screen-panel' to the back of the gatehouse frame (however, we won't be able to attach this screen - the "Bombadil" element - to the frame before the hinge-tower is finished).

The next steps will help you to construct the Elrond-parapet (see also: Step 5):
  1. cut out the Elrond Front template and glue it onto 2mm cardboard;

  2. Copy the Bombadil template onto 2mm cardboard; next, cut out the Elrond Back template and glue it onto the marked strip on the Bombadil element (if it's too long, cut off the superfluous strip);

  3. when the glue has dried you can draw the 0.7cm and 0.3 cm guidelines onto the backside of both elements;

  4. copy the Elrond Gangway template onto 2mm cardboard en cut it out;

  5. cut out twenty-two 0.3cm Bill (small) pieces of 2mm cardboard; glue them in place onto the Elrond Front Element;

  6. cut off twenty-two A Spikes and glue them to the Bill (small) pieces after sharpening their bottom ends;

  7. cut out eleven Bill (medium) pieces from 2mm cardboard;

  8. cut off eleven B Spikes and glue them to the Bill (medium) pieces after sharpening their bottom ends; glue the finished elements in place onto the Elrond Front Element; note that there's going to be no closing Bill (medium) element at the right end of the Elrond strip - this, because it would hamper the functioning of the hinge-tower;

  9. cut off forty-four D Spikes and glue them in place onto the Elrond / Bombadil Back element.

  10. Glue the Elrond Gangway element perpendicular to the Front element along the 0.7cm guideline; study the next picture first!


The picture shows the Bombadil-element with the Elrond Back-strip and 44 C-spikes in place; there's also the Elrond Front element with all its spikes and the Gangway glued in place. Note that the Front-strip is slightly longer than the Gangway; note also that the spare part is situated at the right end (seen from the back); again, study the picture closely.


Before gluing the parapet into place, to make things fit you will have to remove some cardboard from the top section of the green Merry element (it's in the picture above). The "Maimed Merry" template on the download page might give you a notion of how to cut away the superfluous cardboard after marking the correct level. The picture shows you what needs to be done. When all parts fit comfortably together, glue the Merry element in place and mask the incision with a 0.6cmm strip of tape.

Also, before placing the parapet, we have to fix an extra corner strip to the frame:


Copy the Elrond-strip template onto 1mm cardboard; make an incision along the red line and glue the strip around the corner of the frame as shown in the picture; mask the incision with a 0.6cm strip of tape.

Now you may glue the Elrond Gangway on top of the 'lower' frame (see also: Step 5).

We will leave the Bombadil screen-panel at peace for a while yet.

Copy the Elrond-door (Front) template onto 1mm cardboard along with the red incision lines; add the alternating red lines on the back-side; cut out the element, make the incisions and fold the strips harmonica-like.


Glue the Elrond-door onto the frame (take care: this isn't as easy as it sounds; you will need both hands to get it properly done!). Mask the incisions with 0.6cm strips of painters tape.

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