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Building the Black Gate

Part one: The Gateway

© Lotrscenerybuilder 2008

Step 6:

Now if you study the Weta Black Gate closely, you will see all these rivets, plating, dents and scratches and even more spikes at all sizes. There's no hope we can add all these features to our model but we can use a trick to make it look more real: by way of painting the lot lightly with texture paint.


The effect that we want to achieve is to add tiny blots & particles to our gate, to give the surface a rugged appearance. Maybe you have to ask a DIY-employee which texture paint is best to use. The paint job is not unlike drybrushing, but instead of brushing we just dab the surface. There's no need to have it totally covered with paint. Make sure there's only a tiny amount of paint on your brush.


Finally, it's time to Paint It Black. For undercoating we suggest you use a spray can. Elsewhere we have talked about our ColorWork paints. We used CW Anthracite on our model for base coating. Only when all parts are finished, and a fitting Mordor environment is added, we're going to apply more subtle colour effects.

You have just finished your Gateway element!

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"Building the Black Gate - The Gatehouse".

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